The Aurora Sportsman’s Club (ASC) has been hosting The Zombie Shoot since 2009. As part of our Action Shooting Sports Department, we offer shooters of all levels the chance to get out and run-n-gun, testing their skills against the undead. 

One of the first gun clubs to offer a zombie themed shoot, ASC’s Action Shooting Sports Department offers shooters the chance to test their skills at the following: 

Practical Rifle 
Precision Practical Rifle 
Two Gun 
Tactical 3 Gun Nation 

We bring all of this together in one event to let new and novice shooters try their hands at action shooting sports, let the “pros” try for bragging rights and have a day of fun, family and comradery. All in the name of protecting the world from the undead. 

Stage Number: 1*
Stage Style: IDPA
Stage Name: "Outbreak @ the ER"

Stage Number: 3*
Stage Style: ASC 3 Gun
Stage Name: "Prison Plates"

Stage Number: 5*
Stage Style: TBD
Stage Name: "Meet Negan"

Stage Number: 7*
Stage Style: ASC 3 Gun
Stage Name: "Clear the Deck"

Stage Number: 9*
Stage Style: Precision Practical Rifle
Stage Name: "The Wall; Alexandria"

Additional Booths will include:
  • Crazy Quail

  • Shooting Gallery
  • CMP Style Zombies

* We are continually working to prefect our stages so that we can give you the best experience possible.  We may update stages as we find new and better ways to engage the undead. Stage designs listed are not final, and are subject to change.  Stay tuned for more information!

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Stage Number: 2*
Stage Style: TBD
Stage Name: "Clearing the Way"

Stage Number: 4*
Stage Style: TBD
Stage Name: "Rick's Raid"

Stage Number: 6*
Stage Style: TBD
Stage Name: "Wolves Attack"

Stage Number: 8*
Stage Style: TBD
Stage Name: "Zombie Duel"


Stage Number: 10*
Stage Style: TBD
Stage Name: "Reach Out and Touch a Zombie"